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The Most Extravagant Castles - Hohenschwangau Castle

The Romantic road

Everyone knows that looking for the perfect vacation destination can sometimes become a bit of a headache. There are so many different places to go on the planet. Imagine pristine mountains surrounded by bright green fields and ancient castles masked by fog in the distance. This is not a fairy tail. This is reality. And the name of this reality is so called Romantic Road in Germany.
The Romantic Road is the term for a theme route coined by travel agents in the 1950s to describe the 350 kilometers of highway in southern Germany, in Bavaria and Baden-Wьrttemberg, between Wьrzburg and Fьssen. In medieval times it used to be a trade route, connecting the center of Germany with the South.
The name Romantic Road expresses what many guests from home and abroad feel on seeing medieval towns or fantastic castles – fascination and the sense of being
transported back in time. On the way from North to South the landscape changes from river valleys, fertile agricultural land, forests and meadows to dramatic mountain scenery and ends to the castles of King Ludwig II – real dreams in stone of bygone times. We will tell you more about the most eccentric king and his extravagant fantasy castles and palaces.

Hohenschwangau Castle

The Castle stands between two beautiful lakes – the Swan Lake and the Alpsee Lake on a wooden hill. Originally it was the seat of the Lords of Schwangau in the 12th Century.
Initially Ludwig’s father, Maximilian II, bought the ruins and rebuilt them. He wanted the Castle decorated romantically in middle ages style. The designer’s name is Domenic Quaglio. Ludwig spent a large part in Hohenschwangau Castle. This was the place where he firstly came into contact with the saga of the Swan Knight Lohengrin.
The first floor /Entrance Hall, the Chapel, the Hall of the Swan Knight, the Schyren Room, Bertha Room and Burgfrauen Room/ was occupied by Queen Marie, the mother of Ludwig II.

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  1. I thought before that this castle was not real, then I research about it and I prove that it was real castle. I want to visit that place. According to the destinations magazine that I've read, that place was wonderful that you are like in a fairytale. Click here for more information.


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